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Hope Changes Everything!

Lead Pastor Matt & Mary Chambers

Matt and Mary have a daughter, Callie. Matt and Callie love running and cycling, while Mary enjoys curling up with a good book. Having grown up in the area, Stephens County has become an extension of their family. While they enjoy spending time with family and friends, sharing Christ with others, discipling people, and watching the Holy Spirit transform lives is their driving conviction. 


Senior Pastor Mike & Cary McCord

 "We have found the journey and the adventure of growing a thriving church both challenging and exciting.  Communicating God’s love and being a positive example to others is a wonderful privilege.  Interacting and serving with so many wonderful families and individuals is a great honor for us.  Seeing young families and leaders rise up to carry on the mission and message of Christ to the world is awesome."

-Pastor Mike


Mike and Cary have raised three boys: Nathan, Aaron and Matt. Their home is in the country, and while Pastor Mike enjoys raising cattle, Cary loves to plant flowers and work in the garden. Being with friends and family, teaching, mentoring and encouraging people is their passion.  


You will meet all kinds of people at Ray of Hope: moms, dads, teachers, coaches, doctors, nurses, welders, secretaries, cowboys, oilfield workers, lawyers, bikers, ranchers, teenagers and kids. We are just regular people like you, yet bonded together by the love and mercy of God.  We are family, the family of God.


This is a special place for your entire family. This is a place you can make friends, grow in your relationship with God and become your best. You will not feel uncomfortable here, you will not be judged or feel undue pressure. However, you will be challenged to excel and pursue God’s best for your life.


The kids will love it here. From nursery through high school there’s something positive and special for them.


Our mission is to exalt and declare Jesus Christ, see the lost saved, equip, enrich and empower the lives of others by serving and being a positive example of the Christian life.

Our Church

Statement of Beliefs


-We Believe in one God revealed and manifest as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

-We Believe that our Lord Jesus Christ was begotten, not created, very God, truly God, and truly man.


-Jesus is God manifest in the flesh and fullness of the Godhead bodily. He was born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, died a vicarious and atoning death for the sins of the world, resurrected bodily for our justification and now reigns in glory.

-We Believe in the absolute inspiration of the Holy Scriptures given by the Holy Spirit without error as He moved upon holy men of old.

-We Believe justification is by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, through Him shedding His blood and by His sacrifice at Calvary on the cross.

-We Believe in baptism by immersion according to New Testament and early church example.

-We Believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

-We Believe in divine healing through the redemptive work in Christ.

-We Believe in the literal second coming of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the saved to eternal life, the lost to eternal punishment, and the ultimate victory of the Kingdom of God. 

Where God Has Brought Us From.


  • In 1953 four families gathered in an old poultry house across from the post office in Comanche, Oklahoma and began to hold worship services. Thus the nickname “the chicken coop” was affectionately given to a new work then named “Jesus Name Mission”.


  • Later an old church building was purchased and moved to the corner of 410 S. Second Street. The building was very small, two closet size rooms behind the pulpit were used as Sunday school rooms with curtains for doors. The pews were hand made of slatted boards painted white. The church building had no air conditioning and was heated by gas stove located at the back of the building. Many times services started late because it was so cold that everyone would gather around the old heater until the room became a little more comfortable.


  • In 1968 the attendance for one Sunday was 49, and the previous Sunday was 24. The offering was $46 and $75 for those two Sundays. Baptisms were done without heated water. To fill the baptismal tank, a garden hose was fastened to an outside faucet and ran through a window to fill up the baptistery.  Some baptisms were held in area country ponds.


  • Due to the summers being so hot, the doors and windows of the old church building would be left open to catch a breeze. Since the church was located at the edge of town, at times dogs, cats and even chickens would wander into the small building.


  • As the 1970’s closed and the 80’s began, the small church was crowded (95 being the record attendance one Easter) and plans were made to build a new building at the same site. The church members, mainly working on Saturdays, over a period of four years, did the work.  In 1985, a new sanctuary that would seat 300, and a fellowship hall was completed. 


  • As the church continued to grow, plans were made to relocate, 125 acres were purchased between Duncan and Comanche and a new 4 million dollar facility was completed in 2002.  Since then additional construction and improvements have taken place. The smallest church in town became one of the largest in the area.  We are thankful for all that God has done. And the journey continues, so join us for the next chapter. 

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